If you are an undergraduate registered for an on-campus class, you have been charged a textbook rental fee
and are entitled to the use of most of your required books without having to purchase them.

To obtain your books go to Textbook Service beginning Aug 11 , 2014 to pick up your books for the FALL semester.
Please bring your SIUE id card and a bag for carrying your books. Each semester rental textbooks are due by 5p.m. on the Saturday of finals week
or your account will be charged a replacement fee equal to the cost of the book.


Graduate and professional students and off-campus students are not charged a textbook rental fee and
must purchase their books. These books are available at the University Bookstore. Undergraduates may also need to
purchase certain books and supplies for classes. To see a list of books and supplies for each class click here.

Prices are subject to change. This listing will be updated weekly on Tuesdays.


To inquire about a textbook, check store stock, or place an order
please email bookstore@siue.edu and we will be happy to assist.

We are changing computer systems and this information is temporarily
unavailable on our website. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Limited quantities are available on new and used books.
Please email for available quantity.

The information presented here is for your information and convenience. We endeavor to insure that the
information listed here is as accurate and current as it can be at the time of posting. Due to circumstances
beyond our control, classes or sections may be canceled, professors may decide to cancel or not use a book,
instructors or section numbers may change, and publishers may change book editions or prices at any time without
notice to the University. SIUE is not responsible for any of these or any other changes to the information
published here. If you purchase your books on-line from the University Bookstore you will be entitled to the same
returns privileges as if you purchased the book in the store. If you purchase a
book elsewhere, you will have to check that source's returns policy.

IMPORTANT: Reading these instructions can mean the difference between receiving the correct books and the wrong ones.
Have you read and understood these instructions?


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